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Starter Motor Water Damage Inspection (MerCruiser)

All MerCruiser gasoline engines:

  1. Delco PG260 models only, remove the 2 short screws from the end cap and look at the threads.

    1. If they are clean and gold in color, the starter motor did not have water inside of it.

    2. If they are dirty and black or gray in color, the starter motor may have had water on the inside of it, go to step 2.

  2. Remove the 2 long bolts to disassemble and inspect the inside of the starter motor.

    1. Heavy rust and corrosion inside the starter motor indicates water damage.

    2. If starter motor has little or no signs of rust or corrosion on the inside, go to step 3.

  3. Remove starter solenoid. Look at condition of solenoid plunger grease.

    1. Brown or red rust colored grease or if the plunger is rusty, solenoid has been under water.

All Delco Starter Motors
a - Short Screws, PG260 Models Only
b - Long Screws

Extract from Mercury Marine Service Bulletin No. 2001-11

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