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Standards of Training, Watchkeeping and Certification (STCW)

The latest requirements are laid down in STCW 95, and give IMO a participation in the implementation of the required standards. This will entail the identification of Administrations that have demonstrated their full compliance with the provisions of STCW 95. The intention is that IMO will establish a list of such Administrations, to be known as the "White List". Any Administration not on the "White List" will thus be easily identified as not having complied with STCW 95 in providing a satisfactory training for seafarers, and any Certificates of Competency issued by it will therefore not be valid. STCW 95 entered into force on 1st February 1997. Administrations must submit evidence to IMO that they are implementing the new rules for new trainees by 1 August 1998. It will come into full effect on 1 February 2002, by which time Administrations must have phased in all the new certificates of competency requirements.

STCW 95 certification will evidence competency of ship personnel to operate efficiently and maintain satisfactorily the ship, its safety systems and environment protection systems, as per the regulatory strategy at Section 3(18).

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