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Total Loss (TL)

May be Actual Total Loss, Constructive Total Loss, or Compromised (or Arranged) Total Loss.

  1. Actual Total Loss - Total loss of a vessel or cargo when the property is completely lost or destroyed due to one of the following:

    1. Physical Destruction - e.g. plywood being totally consumed by fire.

    2. Irretrievable Deprivement - the owner of the property is deprived of the use of the property even though it is still intact and undamaged; e.g. a shipment of silver ingots is lost overboard; even though they still exist and are undamaged at the bottom of the ocean, they are irretrievably lost.

    3. Loss of Specie - changes in the character of the property so that it ceases to be the thing shipped; e.g. bags of cement wetted by sea water and hardened into concrete.

    4. Vessel Lost - a vessel (and its cargo) is posted "missing" at Lloyd’s and is considered an actual total loss, even though there is no evidence of it sinking.

  2. Constructive Total Loss (CTL) - A vessel or cargo is so damaged that an actual total loss is inevitable, or the part or remnant remaining can only be recovered and repaired at a cost exceeding the insured value of the property.

  3. Compromised (or Arranged) Total Loss - A negotiated total loss settlement between the property owner and the insurance company under unusual circumstances, e.g. a vessel owner accepts a settlement of less than the face value of the hull policy and retains title to the vessel.
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