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Tonnage (Vessel)

Units of measure defined as Deadweight Tonnage, Displacement Tonnage, Gross Tonnage or Net Tonnage.

Deadweight Tonnage - Actual weight in tons (2240 lbs.) of cargo, stores, fuel, passengers and crew that can be carried by a vessel when fully loaded to summer load line mark. See Loadline.

  • Displacement Tonnage - Weight of water in tons (2240 lbs.) that a vessel displaces either empty or loaded.

  • Gross Tonnage - The total capacity in cubic feet of all the spaces within the hull and the enclosed spaces above the deck available for cargo, stores, fuel, passengers and crew. One gross ton equals 100 cubic feet of capacity.

  • Net Tonnage - Cargo carrying capacity of a vessel; i.e. gross tonnage of a vessel less spaces used for stores, fuel, passengers, crew, navigation and propulsion machinery. One net ton equals 100 cubic feet of cargo capacity.
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